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Chipstar’s quality wood chippers for sale

An extensive range of wood chippers, mulchers and machinery

Wood chipper distribution
across Australia

Chipstar offers a complete range of wood chippers covering the needs of the homeowner and small acreage holder through to full sized forestry mulchers.

For contractors, arborists and orchardists, the requirement is a heavy capacity machine capable of handling large volumes per hour, without interruption. Equipment that can handle variables such as softer foliage (palms, cane, conifer branches) through to native hardwood branches, without missing a beat.

Equipment that can position your waste stream, is fully mobile and totally reliable. Designed to turn waste into valuable mulch.

Simply inform us of your needs – the projected usage, size of material to be chipped and the volumes anticipated – the Chipstar staff will recommend the right machine for your particular needs.

v12 wood chipper

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