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Chipstar Australia manufacture and distribute a full range of Wood Chippers, PTO Woodchippers and Mulchers Australia-wide. Chipstar manufacture a range of chippers under its own proprietary brand as well as being approved distributors of Linddana, Negri, Kollvik, Vortex and Ufkes Greentec branded Chippers and equipment.

Established in 1992, Chipstar have supplied high quality precision equipment to professional Arborist and Tree Surgery Companies, Councils, Contractors and Landscapers.

The Chipstar brand – representing quality, reliability and service. We supplies homeowners and hobby farmers – those managing small acreages with trees and established gardens. Chipstar provide sustainable solutions in recycling timber waste, foliage and trimmings. The Chipstar range of Chippers creates useable mulch which can be further composted or used directly to prevent moisture evaporation.

From small acreage through to Forestry mulchers and land clearing mulchers, Chipstar can provide the right equipment. Serious, productive, effective equipment for Government Environmental and Land Ecological Management as well as heavy duty equipment suitable for major Commercial Farms.

Importantly, Chipstar also offer a genuine Commercial Composting solution for large Shopping Centres, Asset Managed Corporate buildings and large Body Corporates. Biocomp™ by Kollvik is a large scale fully computerised commercial composter. It enables safe, clean composting of all kinds of Organic waste through sensitive and selective waste collection. This includes Food Waste and other Organic waste such as packaging, paper waste and more.

Chipstar offer a full range of equipment designed to recycle, reuse and repurpose both timber and organic waste that would normally be consigned to Landfill.

The Chipstar range provides an effective means of processing and scheduling effective thinning, pruning and cutback of foliage on the average Australian bush block or rural holding.

Fast, precise and reliable – Chipstar Chippers and Mulchers – the best equipment on today’s market – for Contractors, Farmers, Arborists and Hobby Farmers alike.

Chipstar – Convert waste into valuable reusable organic mulch.

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