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Linddana TP 230 PTO


If you need to process large 230mm wood into chips for either cart-hauling or roadside deposit, the TP 230 PTO is suited to your needs.


  • processes organics up to 230mm in diameter
  • hydraulically fed disc chipper
  • 90 degree funnel for cart or roadside deposit
  • 45 degree cuts allow misshaped and crooked tress can be processed problem-free
  • automatic feeding â„…TP Pilot Stress Control System
  • 3 type A silver breakers
  • Trailer Road Ready
  • Two anvils in Hardox 400

The TP 230 PTO is ready for the road, attach to a trailer and go! Perfectly matched for depositing processed chips either directly into a cart, or on the roadside.

Technical DataExtra Equipment
  • Max Wood Diameter 


  • Max Opening 

    H x W = 230 x 240mm

  • Operation 

    Return/forward/stop of feed rollers through operating bar (yellow)

  • Sliess Conliol System 

    TP 100 Automatic feeding

  • Chipper Principle 


  • Cutting Angle 

    45 degrees

  • Hopper Placement 

    90 Degrees to the side

  • In Feed 

    2 hydraulic feed rollers, spring compressed of 1 spring 8mm

  • Feed Rollers 


  • Rotordisc – Diameter 


  • Rotordisc – Weight in kg 


  • Number of Knives 


  • Chip Size 


  • Anvil/Counter Steel 

    1 Horizontal and 1 Vertical

  • Power Required 

    37-90kw (50-120hp)

  • PTO RPM 

    540 rpm or 1,000rpm/min.

  • PTO Shaft 

    Walterscheid 2400 series with freewheel, length = 560mm

  • 3-Point Linkage 

    Category 2

  • Chip Capacity 

    10-15 m³/hour (Experience numbers by manual operation)

  • Max allowable pressure on coupling 

    500 kg

  • Weight 

    990 kg

  • Tool Kit 


  • Extended Ejector Spout 

    500 mm vertical 1,500 mm horizontal

  • Silverbreakers 

    Type B – are used if exlia requirements for chip quality is needed. Opening max. 35×40 mm

  • TP Winch 

    For wood feeding – the winch is towed by the wood chippers hydraulic system

  • Light Bar 

    Light bar with complete set of rear lights

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