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Negri R260 Chipper Mulcher

Bio-shredders – R260

The R260 bio-shredder is a professional machine designed for the reduction of wood deriving from the maintenance of green areas, up to a maximum diameter of 130 mm.

Two rotors can be installed in the machine:
  • Combined rotor: 2 sharpenable blades in hardened steel + 20 mobile reversible hammers in hardened steel – suitable for shredding wood, even damp and fibrous.
  • VARIANT / –M versions Rotor with hammers only: 24 mobile reversible hammers in hardened steel – suitable for shredding wood accidentally containing small stones/nails and soil as well

The paddles inside the rotor allow the chips to be expelled directly without any additional fan with relative transmission, thus reducing maintenance and noise.


All versions are characterized by accurate technical choices:

  • Fixed removable refining screen – guarantees the chips’ small dimensions.
  • Hydraulic feeding roller and steel conveyor belt with adjustable speed and rotation direction – make the vegetable waste feed efficient.
  • Rotary ejection pipe with adjustable discharge distance – guarantees the operator’s safety, avoiding the accidental ejection of the chips in his direction.
  • Large and handy hopper – facilitates the vegetable waste feed and allows to reach a high hourly output.
  • Lubrication system for bearings – facilitates and speeds up the machine maintenance.
  • Multifunctional control system – controls the vegetable waste feed automatically (Nostress) and the functional parameters of the machine itself

The motorized versions are equipped with the electric start and a belt transmission with hydrodynamic joint and are supplied with a homologated road trailer.

The tractor versions are equipped with a belt transmission with gearbox and are supplied with a three-point linkage; both the transverse and the longitudinal configuration are available so to allow different working modes.

All versions are manufactured in compliance with the latest European safety standards.

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