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A New Revolution in Chipping

It’s been over 40 years since any major design changes have taken place with hand-fed brush chippers. In the late 1970’s, the small disc-style chipper was introduced with great fanfare and phenomenal success. In the early 1980’s, it was the drum-style chipper that came to market and with arguably equal success. Both types remain the staple of the industry to this day with only minor feature improvements over the years. Both also have their respective limitations. Weight issues, throwing capability, plugging, and throat opening size are just a few of the inherent limitations of the designs themselves. All of that has changed with the introduction of the patented VORTEX® chamber design with its skinless/pocketless drum.

The Vortex effect, extremely wide opening, greater throwing power, better torque coupled with a reverse pivot feed system makes for an unbeatable combination. Go to the links tab and click on Vortex for even greater detail and explanations.

Vortex V12 Brush Chipper green

VORTEX® V-12 Brush Chipper

Because of the design characteristics of the patented VORTEX® chamber, the V-12 has more capacity than any other chipper in the 12 inch class. While most chippers in this class have openings 12 inches high and from 15 inches to 20 inches wide, the VORTEX® V-12 has an opening of 12 inches high by 32 inches wide …. 50% to 100% bigger. This makes it suitable for multiple markets others can’t handle. Tree care, municipalities, utility line maintenance, golf course management, and even light land clearing are all better suited to the VORTEX® V-12 than others in its class.

Hand fed or machine fed, the “oversized” opening makes feeding and operating best in class. While operators of other brands must “cut to the opening”, VORTEX® V-12 operators can process limbs, branches, and even small whole trees as-is, bringing truth to the statement of “less trim time” that others claim.

Another feature of the VORTEX® V-12 design is the ability to throw chips wet or dry, in ANY direction, with velocity unequalled by any other drum-style chipper in its class. This model matches and can even exceed the throwing capability of a disc-style chipper.

Add in the revolutionary skinless-no pocket drum, you have the highest capacity, most productive machine in the 12-inch class available in today’s market.

  • EngineFord 84 HP 2.5 litre gasoline
  • Cutting Drum16″ diameter x 30″ long, open face, no pockets
  • Discharge Impeller44″ diameter x 3/8″ thick with 12 fan blades
  • Feed Wheel14″ diameter x 31″ wide, reverse pivot system
  • Throat Opening32″ wide by 12″ high
  • Axle6,000 lb. Torflex
  • HitchLT245/75R16 6-ply mounted on white-spoke 6-bolt rim
  • PaintPrimed/painted with DuPont Imron safety fluorescent green
  • Weight4,780 lbs.
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