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Linddana TP 400 PTO K


Perfectly designed for professional application within forestry, the TP 400 is highly efficent at processing large capacities, at large sizes. Possibly the optimal PTO Wood Chipper. This mobile wood chipper has crane mounting support and is most suited to tractors between 200-400 HP.


  • Large capacity of up to 100 m3 per hour of wood up to 400mm in diameter
  • TP PILOT K for stress control and automatic roller speed adjustment
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Replaceable rotor house casing
  • Split rotor housing with hydraulic opening
  • Crane-mounting supported
  • Integrated crane column

High capacity processing, uniform chipping, and ease of access to the internal mechanics make the TP 400 PTO K the professional choice for forestry chipping. The model is also adjustable enough to accept sliver breakers should finer chipping be required.

Technical DataExtra Equipment
  • Max Wood Diameter 


  • Max Opening 

    H x W = 400 x 440mm

  • Operation 

    Return/forward/stop of feed rollers through operating bar (yellow)

  • Chipper Principle 


  • Cutting Angle 

    30 Degrees

  • Hopper Placement 


  • In Feed 

    2 hydraulic feed rollers

  • Feed Rollers 

    New developed feed rollers for sliong feeding

  • Rotordisc – Diameter 


  • Rotordisc – Weight in kg 


  • Number of Knives 

    4pcs.(2 cuts per turn)

  • Crane Funnel 

    Parallel to driving direction. Big and open funnel in 6mm plate with solid 40mm frame

  • Crane 

    Crane flange for mounting of crane (fits to MOWI 400)

  • Chip Size 

    20-40mm. In hard wood max. 25mm

  • Sliess Conliol System 

    TP PILOT K – complete box for installation in the liactors cabin

  • Anvil/Counter Steel 

    1 Vertical

  • Power Required 

    147-294kw (200-400hp)

  • PTO RPM 


  • PTO Shaft 

    Walterscheid with free wheel, length = 560mm

  • 3-Point Linkage 

    Category 3

  • Chip Capacity 

    80-100m³/hour (Experience numbers by manual operation)

  • Weight 

    3,000kg (Excl. crane and crane support)

  • Tool Kit 


  • Short Ejector Spout 

    If the chips are not to be “through” across the liactor

  • Crane and Crane Conliol 

    We can offer different alternatives with MOWI cranes and operation

  • Silverbreakers 

    Set with 4 pcs. – if special requirements for chip quality

  • Light Bar 

    Light bar with complete set of rear lights

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