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Ufkes Greentec Jaguar 40/80 fast traffic 3.5. tonnes

Greentec 40 cm drum chipper, now available as 80 km/h trailer! With a weight just above the 3000 kg and the newest Stage V 140 HP Doosan engine that meets the latest requirements. Also this chipper is available with our combination infeed chute for crane and hand infeed! The big top roller with a diameter of 40 cm easily pulls the materials into the chipper. All around equiped with hydraulic support legs and all chipper functions are manually and radio remote controlled..

140 hp

40 cm

20 mm

< 3500 kg

Fitted as standard
  • Top roller with combi infeed tablefor hand infeed and crane feed, hydraulic raisable
  • Type C chute, hydraulic; slewing, up and down, deflector adjustment
  • Hydraulic support leg front
  • Dual hydraulic support leg at the rear
  • Top roller with bottom roller and combi infeed table for hand infeed and crane feed, hydraulic raisable
  • Extra cable control tracks
  • Cone holder (long)
  • Winch incl. radiocontrol, hydr. Valves and mounting
  • RDW-, TÜV- or PVG-approval
  • Infeed opening400 x 600 mm
  • Feed opening channel420 x 600 mm
  • Max. infeed softwood∅ 400 mm
  • DrumØ 600 x 600 mm
  • Top rollerØ 430
  • Chipper knive4
  • Anvil Knives1
  • Max. chip length (mm)20
  • Chassis

    Parabolic suspension heavy tandemchassis tires 185R14C

    Fully galvanised

    Overrun brake and handbrake

    High-speed version 80 km/h

    Swivel ball joint

  • Engine

    Electrical start


    Dual hydraulic support leg at the rear

  • Control

    Remote control (GCS1.1) for chipperfunctions Jaguar 40
    – Deflector adjustment
    – Chute rotation
    – In/outfeed
    – Roll open or extra down pressure
    – Engine up/down

    Type C chute, hydraulic; slewing, up and down, deflector adjustment

    Hydraulic support leg front Cheetah 30/80

    Dual hydraulic support leg at the rear

  • Woodchipper

    Own hydraulic cooling system (using Venturi airflow)Integrated blowing system which, in combination with Venturi blowing system guarantees a powerfull airstream

    No nonsense machine; chipping at the front, discharge at the rear.

    No jacks or accelarator needed, which otherwise shatters good woodchips.

    This prevents unneccassary wear, saves power and therefore fuel, resulting in higher efficiency

  • Drum

    (Quick-change) Knives distributed along the drum. Drum with blower blades on both sides.

    Widia bottom knive placed below cutting knive, easy accessible

    Exterior wall of drum is 20 mm thick and main axe Ø70 mm

    Specially designed anvil knife, small branches are cut at a differente angle, resulting in better chipping quality.

  • Infeed

    Upper infeed roller internally driven by heavy, low maintenance Poclain engines, therefore no open slits besides the infeed, preventing chips from scattering

  • Screenunit

    Easy replacing of the screen at the side of the machine. Possible to chip without screen.

  • Quality

    All machines are manufactured out of premium steel 355 (52-3)

    Discharge chute, bottom between infeed roller and anvil knife beneath the drum equipped with replacable wear plate made of hardwearing Hardox steel

    Machines are made of durable materials, including bearings, hydraulic valves, engines, pumps and more

    After sandblasting machines are double powder coated

  • Servicing

    Knives are easy accessible, under a hinged cover, on the top of the machine.

    Drum is easily secured for changing knives.

    Anvil knife adjustable, and can be used four times

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