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Chipstar Mobile Wood Chipping Service

Using a professional wood chipper machine, our chipping services are effective and environmentally sustainable.

Reliable wood chipping
service Australia

Fencing these days is favouring Colorbond style ‘neighbourhood’ fencing made entirely from metal. Old timber fencing when removed becomes a problem in that it is bulky, expensive to transport and expensive to dispose of via landfill or transfer station.

The Solution: the Chipstar mobile fence mulching machine. Call Chipstar on 03 9761 4486 and make a booking. Chipstar will chip up your old fence and take it away.

Chipstar offers a chipping service for householders and contractors alike. Whether it’s a building contractor clearing a block, or a landscape contractor preparing an area, Chipstar will attend on site with a suitable chipper.  Homeowners, rather than be left with large piles of prunings, trimmings and cut backs, call Chipstar and turn unsightly waste into valuable organic mulch.


What kind of jobs can our wood
chipping machines assist with?

Our wood chipping services are extremely versatile, with some of the many ways we can help including:

  • Timber fence chipping – old paling fences, treated pine fencing & other timber fencing
  • Green waste removal, tree & foliage trimming

Cheap, effective and environmentally sustainable – Chipstar is the sustainable solution.

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