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Discover Chipstar Vortex 6″Drum: Victoria’s Choice for Tree Chipper

Chipstar Australia, a leading manufacturer of wood chippers based in Victoria, takes pride in offering innovative solutions for land management professionals. Today, we look into the impressive capabilities of the Chipstar Vortex 6″ Drum, a mulching machine designed to tackle your toughest chipping jobs with ease.

The Heart of the Vortex: A Powerful Engine and Efficient Design

At the core of the Vortex 6″ Drum lies a robust 35 horsepower petrol engine, delivering ample power to handle a variety of wood types. This translates to efficient chipping, minimising downtime and optimising productivity. But the Vortex 6″ Drum boasts more than just brute force.

Chip Like a Pro - Innovative Features for Unparalleled Performance

One of the most striking features is the Chipstar-patented Vortex chip expulsion system. This unique technology utilises a combination of drum design and airflow to propel wood chips further and with greater accuracy. Imagine the convenience of less scattered debris and a cleaner worksite!

Built to Last - Durability & Operator Safety

The Vortex 6″ Drum isn't just powerful, it's built to endure. A fluid coupling clutch eliminates the need for wearing plates, reducing maintenance requirements. Hydraulic brakes (with the option for electric) provide exceptional stopping power, while the fold-down outfeed chute facilitates easy storage and transportation.

Operator Comfort and Safety are Paramount

Chipstar prioritises operator safety with the Vortex 6″ Drum. The machine features a wrap-around operator safety bar that doubles as a nudge bar, offering an additional layer of protection. Two emergency stop units ensure a quick response in case of any unforeseen situations. LED lights enhance visibility during low-light conditions, promoting safe operation throughout the day.

Adaptability & Control - Tailored Chipping for Your Needs

The Vortex 6″ Drum caters to diverse chipping requirements. The auto-feed system, equipped with a sensor that monitors drum speed, ensures a smooth and consistent feed rate. This translates to optimal chip size and efficient operation. Additionally, the twin rollers with adjustable speed control allow you to fine-tune the chipping process based on the material at hand.

The Vortex 6″ Drum - More Than Just a Machine

Investing in the Chipstar Vortex 6″ Drum is an investment in efficiency, productivity, and environmental responsibility. This innovative machine transforms wood waste into valuable mulch, enriching your soil and minimising environmental impact. With its powerful engine, user-friendly features, and commitment to operator safety, the Vortex 6″ Drum empowers you to conquer even the most demanding chipping tasks.

Experience the Chipstar Difference - Contact Us Today!

At Chipstar Australia, we understand the unique challenges faced by Australian land management professionals. That's why we design and manufacture chippers built specifically for our tough conditions. If you're looking for a machine that delivers superior performance, unmatched durability, and exceptional customer support, look no further than the Chipstar Vortex 6″ Drum. Contact our experts today and discover how the Vortex 6″ Drum can revolutionise your approach to wood chipping.

Email or call our friendly team at Chipstar Australia on 03 9761 4486 and we’d be happy to answer all your questions. See our range.

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